Scholarships - BLOCS

At BLOCS, we believe that a high-quality Catholic School education should be available to every student.


BLOCS works within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania EITC & OSTC guidelines and uses an outside scholarship administrator to determine eligibility for scholarship grants (Smart Aid). Over the past several years, funds for scholarship support have increased. Unfortunately so has the demand, which continues to significantly exceed supply. As a result, filing of an application and payment of an application fee to Smart Aid does not in any way guarantee the awarding of a BLOCS scholarship.


To apply for a BLOCS scholarship, you must first click here to look up your school code. This will be used when applying through Smart Aid and is not searchable through the Smart Aid website.


Once you have your school code, you can apply through Smart Aid HERE.

BLOCS’ Deadline for Smart Aid applications is April 15, 2016.  All applications along with necessary documents must be in Smart Aid’s possession by this date in order to be qualified and considered for any aid in the 2016-2017 school year.  There will be no extensions.  This is a hard deadline.

Please note that if your school is not listed on the school codes page, you must contact your school directly to apply for a BLOCS scholarship.

FAQ on applying for a BLOCS scholarship

For questions on the application process, contact Smart Aid at  (800) 360-8027.

For questions on scholarship approvals and amounts, contact your school

For questions on donating to BLOCS, contact BLOCS at or call 484-704-2300