Privacy Policy - Blocs

Privacy Policy


BLOCS takes confidentiality very seriously. Data and information supplied or available to employees because of the special relationship that exists, must be held in complete confidence such that it will not be revealed inappropriately, If there is any question about the confidentiality of information, contact Staff members should also refrain from creating or circulating any rumors about partner organizations.

Staff follow these guidelines:

• All inquiries are assumed confidential and not shared with other outside organizations.
• Assistance inquiries are only shared with third parties when deemed appropriate by an authorized BLOCS employee.
• Mailing lists are never shared with organizations, vendors, or partner companies.
• Email lists are not shared with third parties including other members.
• Fax and telephone numbers are never shared with third parties.
• Individual organizations are only shared for appropriate networking opportunities.
• Specific information not made public however BLOCS 990 is shared.